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Social Feeds for Social Proof

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 13, 2014 / by Natalye Childress

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example of RetentionGrid email campaignAnybody can do something to get your attention. But keeping it—that’s the hard part. As a business owner, you’ve probably dealt with this at some point, wondering “How can I keep my customers engaged?”

The answer: Let your customers do the talking. While celebrity endorsements and expert advice can boost your company’s image, it’s the positive social proof of other buyers that can have one of the strongest effects. When customers see how satisfied other people—people just like them—are with your product, it increases credibility, encourages adoption, and promotes acceptance. It’s the foundation for building a huge, engaged community of brand ambassadors.

At RetentionGrid, we recognize the importance of providing fresh, relevant content to your customers in a way that increases both reach and participation, resulting in higher levels of engagement. That’s why we use embedded live social feeds, which are integrated directly into your email campaigns and updated automatically.

The Advantage of Embedded Live Social Feeds

It’s likely that you’re already utilizing a variety of social media outlets, from Twitter and Facebook, to Instagram and Pinterest. But each of these platforms is a separate site, and each of your customers likely has a preference for a certain one. What’s more is that each experience tends to be isolated. In other words, a customer may post pictures of your product and see the pictures you post on Instagram, but he or she won’t see related content that other people are posting, which is cutting out a large part of the experience.

How do embedded live social feeds fix this?

Choose one or more of your channels, whether they’re the most popular ones, or simply ones that you want to boost engagement on. Each week, when RetentionGrid sends out an email campaign, a live feed will be inserted into the email. For example, zeroUV encourages users to post selfies with the product using the hashtag #zeroUV. Insert that hashtag in the embedded feed, and when a customer opens his email, the most recent selfies show up in the stream.

This does two things. First, it demonstrates just how many people are buying your products. Second, it subconsciously exerts a form of social pressure—everyone else is buying, so why aren’t you?

Creating a Real-Time Experience

The best part of this is how your social feeds combine with open-time technology to provide an up-to-date experience on subsequent opens.

Consider this: your email campaign arrives as your customer is standing in line at the grocery store. She scrolls through quickly, and comes across the live social feed. It’s interesting, but the cashier is already ringing up her items, so she puts her phone away. Later at home, she jumps on her computer and sees that email in her inbox. She opens it again and the social feed has been refreshed; instead of static content, she sees the newest addition to the stream.

This is perhaps the best way to leverage and repurpose your investment in social, while keeping your email campaigns buzzing and fresh. Don’t let your social sites sit stagnant; use embedded live social feeds to promote your brand and inject some freshness in your emails.

Contact RetentionGrid to find out how you can start sending out campaigns that give you a boost through social proof.

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Natalye Childress

Written by Natalye Childress

Natalye is the Writer and Editor at AVARI, where she’s in charge of crafting copy, creating content, and fine-tuning on a sentence level. When she’s not reading or writing, her interests revolve around road bikes, craft beer, vegan food, and live music.

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