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Introducing the Email Optimization Expert Series – #EmailCRO

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 27, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway


At AVARI we're passionate about email content optimization, especially the impact of predictively personalized content like our technology supports. E-commerce businesses, content marketers at brand publishers, and media outlets all have seen significant improvement in conversion rates with predictive content in their emails.

However, email optimization is a much broader topic than just the area where AVARI is focused, and there are strategies and technologies that are important to consider from an overall perspective when planning how to improve business growth via email. While there are many experts in the field and a ton of great info scattered around, we've found that the specific subject of email CRO could benefit from having a consolidated set of resources focused on this topic.

Therefore, we're pleased to announce that during August and September of 2018 we'll be running a special "Email Optimization Expert Series" using the hashtag #EmailCRO, featuring several articles by thought leaders and technology experts in the email optimization space.

Optimization topics we're planning to cover in the next two months include:

  • Data-driven email strategies
  • Deliverability and list quality
  • Sending time and frequency optimization
  • Subject line writing and testing
  • Viewability, image rendering and mobile responsiveness
  • Branding, design, and copywriting
  • Predictive , rules-based, and social content
  • Video and email

If you'd like to be notified when new articles are available please subscribe to our blog – we'll be sending updates once per week while the series is running.

Or, you can follow our new #EmailCRO list on Twitter and join the conversation with the expert authors!




Topics: Email Optimization

Sandy Hathaway

Written by Sandy Hathaway

As CMO of AVARI, I create conversations around the exciting new frontiers that all CMOs must now adventure into or be left behind: the use of data science, machine learning and behavioral insights to optimize and personalize B2B and B2C experiences.

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