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Optimize Your Email Marketing for Cyber Monday

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 1, 2014 / by Sandy Hathaway

RetentionGrid is now AVARI. Read more about how we’ve grown in Our Story: From RetentionGrid to AVARI.

Everyone is worried about optimizing for mobile this year, and for good reason. With 60-70% of all emails being opened on mobile devices, ensuring this season’s campaigns are gorgeous and responsive has been all the rage.

At RetentionGrid, we figured out a while ago that mobile-first designs are a necessity. And so that’s what we deliver: beautiful, fully responsive, litmus-proven, mobile-optimized campaigns.

That’s also why we’ve moved on. We aren’t focused on promoting how our technology meets this new standard. Instead, we want to talk about something that will make your business even more competitive this year.

What if you could increase your email click-through rates by several percentage points? What if you could increase revenue from your email campaigns by 10x or more?

We have some very cool technology that’s proven to do just that. And we work with your ESP: we can supplement your existing campaign strategy and design, or we can create a completely new approach for you.

Regardless, the bottom line is this: You don’t want to miss out on using our predictive email personalization technology this holiday season.

Predictive email personalization turns your regular ol’ email campaigns into highly individualized, hyper-targeted experiences. Your customers will be delighted to see that you welcome them appropriately, or recognize their loyalty.

They will be thrilled by the product recommendations that perfectly fit what they were thinking about buying next. They will be compelled to buy based on the fact that you suggest the right ideas because it is cold outside, or warm outside, or they happen to be in San Francisco for the weekend.

Your customers will enjoy seeing the live feeds of your social streams and hearing what their peers are saying and thinking and buying.

And, it’s effortless for you to get started, which means it’s not too late to amp up your campaigns for Cyber Monday. Our top-notch Customer Success team will take care of your writing, design, coding, and automation setup, all included in your onboarding package.

You’d like to know more, right? Let us know, and we’ll answer every question you have.

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Sandy Hathaway

Written by Sandy Hathaway

Sandy is a Co-Founder and the CMO at AVARI, where she is responsible for overseeing the company’s business strategy, influencer relations, demand generation, product marketing, branding, and buzz. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, slow food, movies, games, and discovering the ever-changing face of Berlin.