Predictive Recommendations

with Open-Time Personalization

Relevant, Dynamic Content for Every Email

AVARI Mapper

AVARI captures 1000x more data than many other predictive personalization technologies, using an ultra-lightweight integration.

It’s a simple JavaScript tag placed in the front-end of a website to securely capture visitor behavior. It integrates directly on the site or with the most popular container tags, like Google Tag Manager.

AVARI monitors the engagement with the content blocks, feeds it back into the data model, and uses machine learning to automatically get better.

AVARI Foresight

Our proprietary predictive data model combines and analyzes visitor and content data to produce personalized recommendations.

These are generated on a per-person basis and injected into emails via designated dynamic content blocks.

Visitor behavior provides rich insight about intent. AVARI securely sends the browsing data, along with a brand’s content and product information, to the recommendation engine for further processing.

AVARI Syncro

AVARI communicates with each email to deliver the dynamic content at the time of open using a code snippet that is placed in the HTML layout of an email campaign. This provides a number of unique advantages.

The predictive recommendations are refreshed with every open of an email, and may change based on new information being processed by the data model. Businesses selling a physical product don’t have to worry about sold-out items being promoted.

Any email service provider or marketing automation system can easily have AVARI predictive content added to its campaigns. It’s a significant upgrade that is proven to dramatically increase click-through rates (CTR) and effectiveness rates (CTOR), and can be rolled out in a matter of days.

AVARI technology works across any e-commerce platform and within any ESP. Simply choose a custom template or one from your ESP's gallery, and insert the AVARI content block inside. We take care of the rest.

Key benefits

  • Compatible with Any Email or Marketing Automation Provider
  • Google Tag Manager-Compatible
  • 5-Minute Setup
  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Up-to-the-Second Models of Customers
  • Extremely Fast
  • Augmentable with Historical Data
  • Self-Optimizing Recommendations
  • Infinitely Scaleable Architecture
  • KPI Reporting & Revenue Reports

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