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22 Uses for Embedded Social Feeds in Email [Guide]

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 18, 2018 / by Natalye Childress

Get Started with Dynamic Social Feeds in Your Emails

Social media has been a focal point for marketers for quite some time, and as it continues to permeate more and more corners of our lives, it becomes increasingly important to determine how to make the most of it. The question is no longer whether or not we should be investing in social media; the answer to that is a resounding yes. Instead, it’s about how to formulate a strategy that results in higher ROI, higher levels of engagement, and higher personalization.

Yet even though it’s stealing the spotlight at the moment, social media won’t be replacing email at any point. In fact, here at AVARI we believe that email should remain front and center, because it’s still the most effective way of communicating with your subscribers. And there are ways to make email and social media work together, to the benefit of both of them. 

We’re not alone in this thinking either. According to Econsultancy and Adestra’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2018:

"The role of email is expanding rapidly for many organisations, from being the path to the inbox, to the key that unlocks the cross-channel marketing experience. Amid this transitional stage, email is still among the best digital channels for delivering a return on investment."

Companies know that email is important. They also know that social media is too. But whether they’re using them together or separately is an entirely different thing.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to make omnichannel technology work for you, look no further. We’ve created a useful guide that tells you why and how you should be including embedded social feeds in your email. Included you’ll find 22 use cases you can put in place immediately to get a robust, effective, cross-channel marketing strategy up and running today.

Eager to get started?

Download our guide for free here.

Inside, you’ll discover the following contents:

  • Email is the #1 way customers want to hear from you
  • What is an Embedded Social Feed in Email?
  • Instagram: How to use live feeds in email campaigns
  • Facebook: How to use live feeds in email campaigns
  • Twitter: How to use live feeds in email campaigns
  • RSS & Blogs: How to use live feeds in email campaigns
  • Bonus Round: 10 more ideas for live social in email

By incorporating real-time embedded social feeds in your email program, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to leverage social investment in creative and effortless ways.

Topics: Email Personalization, Social Media

Natalye Childress

Written by Natalye Childress

Natalye is the Writer and Editor at AVARI, where she’s in charge of crafting copy, creating content, and fine-tuning on a sentence level. When she’s not reading or writing, her interests revolve around road bikes, craft beer, vegan food, and live music.

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