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[Guide] Content that Converts for 5 Essential Emails

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 25, 2018 / by Nick Dijkstra


When it comes to email marketing strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Depending upon your organization’s goals and objectives, the way you approach communicating with your subscribers varies. But regardless of how you go about it, there’s no denying that email is the single most effective tool you have.

We already know that certain aspects are a must in any email you send out. For example, in order to render well on any device, email should be responsive; “at least 43% of emails are opened on a tablet or smartphone,” and of those who receive a badly formatted email on these devices, at least 80% of them will delete it straightaway.

Furthermore, personalization is another necessity. In fact, it’s highly desired by most marketers, with 97% of B2C marketers wanting a long-term solution for it, and 30% listing it as their top priority in 2018.

There are also a lot of stylistic points to consider, such as the importance of effective subject lines, designing your emails to match your brand, tailoring your message to your audience, and optimizing your send times. But even once you’ve figured those things out, it can still be tricky to know how to effectively reach out to your subscribers and what points to consider for each of your specific email types.

Whether your business has an established email marketing strategy or you’re just starting out, we’ve put together an overview of five key emails you can be sending and ways to make them shine. 

Check out the complete blog series, "Content that Converts for 5 Essential Emails," click to read each one:

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In addition to a description of each email type, some facts and figures about each type, and recommended best practices, we’ve also included a collection of subject lines, calls to action, and dynamic content suggestions that you can easily tweak to fit your business and start using right away.

There are plenty of emails to choose from when considering your email marketing approach, but we’ve outlined five that are particularly helpful in either getting you up and running or simply helping you overhaul your current strategy. Implementing these into your email program along with best practices allows you to have more touchpoints with your audience and keeps subscribers better engaged at different stages in your relationship.

Subject lines are an important first impression, and continue to be important as a gating item to subscribers seeing your content. In addition to the tips in this series, it’s necessary to stay on top of the latest trends. For example, Salesforce reports key changes happening that will continue to have an impact on the effectiveness of subject lines: mobile continues to drive brevity, secondary points of communication such as snippet text are growing in importance, and even images are now being used in subject lines. People are adaptive creatures, and the way that they treat and consume information is changing rapidly right now.

Once your email is opened, the content and the calls to action are the next important points of contact that subscribers have with your brand. The content itself can be a CTA, or you may have separate CTA buttons using some of the provided text templates. It’s also a good idea to think creatively about any special language or terminology associated with your brand and work that into the microcopy.

Regardless, in addition to the text you choose, design and placement are very important for the call to action. For example, maybe your CTA would be best positioned near the top, rather than buried at the bottom, or bright green instead of red.

And of course, throughout your entire email, we can’t understate the importance of dynamic content that is personalized and in real time, leading to communication that is relevant and fresh. With AVARI’s intelligent dynamic content blocks, you’ll have access to technology that is capable of understanding user behavior, predicting the best content they'll want next, and constantly updating that information to deliver the better conversion rates and optimized results.


Would you like to learn more about Content that Converts for other types of emails?

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Nick Dijkstra

Written by Nick Dijkstra

Nick is the Director of Customer Success at AVARI, where he’s responsible for delivering a product that meets expectations, helping our users uncover creative solutions to their problems, and optimizing customer results. He is a huge fan of food, tech, design, startup culture, and connecting with new people.

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