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Decorate Your Facebook Page for the Holidays

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 13, 2013 / by Nick Dijkstra

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Ugly Christmas Sweater's Facebook

For online shop owners, it’s already Christmas. And you have much to do to serve your customers in the spirit of the season. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities to easily add some sparkle and cheer to the customer experience via your social channels.

Think of your Facebook cover image as the virtual equivalent to a glittering display window for a local brick-and-mortar store; it’s a way to share some warmth and joy, and to delight passersby so much that they want to come inside (a.k.a. clicking the “like” button and commenting on your posts).

To make the “decorating process” easier for you, we’ve created:

  1. A blueprint with the required image sizing specs for your Facebook Page,
  2. Two tools to help with design in either Powerpoint or Photoshop,
  3. And for those of you who don’t have time to do design work yourself, we’ve got some shortcuts for you too!

A Blueprint of Facebook Photo Specs for Perfect Sizing

Firstly, you can find all the dimensions used by Facebook for images in different locations using this blueprint we’ve created for you. This will help you size your pictures so that they’ll look sharp!

Facebook Blueprint

Click here to download the bleuprint

Tools to Help You Create Your Facebook Images Using Powerpoint and Photoshop

Next, it’s time to create your images. Most of us non-traditional designers have evolved our design skills along with the ever-growing capabilities of Powerpoint. So here’s a template that you can use to create your cover photo with that application. To use it, download it below, open the file and head over to the second slide.

How to make your cover photo

Here you can add images (insert -> picture) or text (insert -> textbox) and make your perfect cover photo. When you’re done, head over to ‘save as pictures’ (file -> save as pictures) and after the slides have been saved, your cover photo can be uploaded on Facebook.

Click here to download the bleuprint

Photoshop Files

For those of you who are more technically-oriented and prefer the nuanced design detail of Photoshop (.psd), no worries, we have created tools for you too! A set of Zip files can be downloaded to make sure you are using the exact dimensions for the cover photo, wall posts, highlights, profile picture and custom thumbnail. To use the file, open the .zip and double click on the file that you need. They have the dimension you need and when you’re done, just ‘save as...’ and choose .png from the dropdown.

Click Here to Download the Photoshop Tool

Shortcuts (and FREE Images!) to Decorate Your Facebook Page

If you don’t have any time to shoot your own photography, we have some shortcuts that you can take to get your Facebook page ready for the holidays without much custom work.

Let’s start with stock photos. The crew at Hubspot has been on a free-photos-frenzy for the last month, and have a great treasure trove of 200+ holiday images that you can download and use. All you need to do is import them into our Powerpoint or Photoshop tools and voilà! Then you can add text or other design effects as you wish. Here’s a sampling of their offer:


Free Stockphotos by Hubspot Free Stockphotos by Hubspot

If using the stock photos with our tools still sounds like too much to do with too little time, we have an even quicker solution for you. The team at Crazy Pixels have made 5 lovely cover photos for you to use, for free!


Free Facebook Covers 5 Free Facebook Covers by Crazy Pixels

Don’t see what you are looking for there? You can also find more of these at Priceless Design Studio.


Free Cover Photos Free Cover Photos by Priceless Design Studio

For more ideas on how you can optimize your Facebook page for customer engagement this holiday season, check out this Success Story from one of our RetentionGrid customers, as well as some of the best guides that we could find for you:

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Nick Dijkstra

Written by Nick Dijkstra

Nick is the Director of Customer Success at AVARI, where he’s responsible for delivering a product that meets expectations, helping our users uncover creative solutions to their problems, and optimizing customer results. He is a huge fan of food, tech, design, startup culture, and connecting with new people.

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