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AVARI is a technology provider for email and marketing platforms

AVARI enables platforms to offer their clients solutions that personalize campaigns in the moment with real-time predictive content, predictive products and embedded social feeds. Our partnership program allows for us to collaborate the way your business requires – strategic integration, referral affiliate, or a hybrid approach.

For nearly three years we’ve been focused on predictive analytics, machine learning and open-time technology development, testing and proving success in a commercial setting. Our recommendation engine is based on explicit and implicit data and is second to none. With AVARI, you can offer your clients the very best in personalization – and you can do it next week.

Despite the fact that AVARI uses advanced tech, it’s super lightweight. When I first evaluated them for our partnership I was amazed at how simple they’ve made it. AVARI creates a snippet of code to paste into your email, and that’s the entire integration. The app to set things up is clean, intuitive and to the point. A single person can easily manage all of it in minutes. We’re excited to be offering AVARI’s email content personalization technology to our customers.

Matt Thackston

Product Owner for integrations

Emma myemma.com

Partner marketing enablement

AVARI’s primary focus is serving email and marketing platforms and digital agencies. Therefore we go the extra mile with value added support for our partners rollout of their new personalization solutions. Not only do we provide technology, but we offer extensive resources (including white-labeled content): blog posts, email drip campaigns, guides, white-papers, decks, webinars and videos. Check out a sampling of our resources below.

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