Next Best Content™ by AVARI

for Content Marketers and Brand Publishers

AVARI can predictively personalize your email campaigns with branded content such as articles, blog posts, case studies, data sheets, ebooks, FAQs, guides, infographics, product comparisons, ROI calculators, slide decks, videos, white papers, webinars and more.

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Introducing Next Best Content™ powered by AVARI machine learning technology. It automatically recommends the most relevant content from your content marketing arsenal to every individual email recipient.

What makes AVARI’s Next Best Content™ unique?

  • Plug and Play Campaign Blocks
    Any email on any platform can be upgraded by simply by dropping an AVARI mobile-optimized block into the campaign layout — think of marketing emails, sales emails, transactional emails and more.

  • Use of Implicit Data & Machine Learning
    Recommendations are based on both explicit and implicit website visitor behavioral data, to achieve a 1000x more nuanced understanding of individual interest and intent. Plus, a feedback loop allows the predictive model to learn from engagement with the email content and automatically optimize new recommendations in real time.

  • Lightweight Integration
    By using an innovative method the entire integration with AVARI is completed by pasting a short code snippet in the header of a website – it takes less than five minutes to set up data mapping for the most powerful recommender system available for content marketing.

  • Easy to Use
    In contrast to enterprise personalization and marketing automation technologies on the market, the AVARI application was designed in line with the trend of consumerization of B2B technologies. The interface is clean, intuitive and requires no training to use.

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Create Next Best Content™ blocks in minutes with our easy to use app

Easily style the content blocks to match your brand and email design. Then simply copy & paste the code into your email template.

Key benefits

  • Compatible with Any Email or Marketing Automation Provider
  • Google Tag Manager-Compatible
  • 5-Minute Setup
  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Up-to-the-Second Models of Customers
  • Extremely Fast
  • Augmentable with Historical Data
  • Self-Optimizing Recommendations
  • Infinitely Scaleable Architecture
  • KPI Reporting & Revenue Reports

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