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Predictive Dynamic Transactional Email Will Drive Your Revenue [Infographic & Guide]

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 11, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway


AVARI and Email Monks have partnered up to show you why upgrading your transactional email program with predictive dynamic content should be at the top of your to-do list for 2018.

We’ve created both an infographic with the hard facts and figures as well as a guide with campaign examples to help you get started. But first, a short intro to transactional emails.

Transactional emails can be defined as something companies send to contacts, subscribers, leads, or customers to follow up on some kind of action the user has taken on their website. These days, such emails are usually triggered automatically and include:

  • Order Confirmation & e-Receipts Emails
  • Shipping Confirmation Emails
  • New Customer Welcome Emails
  • Order Status & Backorder Emails
  • New Subscriber Double Opt-In Emails
  • Account Creation Emails
  • Password Reset Emails
  • Product Feedback Emails
  • Thank You Emails
  • Support Ticketing Emails

It’s likely that you send a lot of transactional emails without realizing it. If you’re in e-commerce, you’ll instantly recognize that transactional email is a core part of your customer service system. Or maybe you are a publisher or a web app. SendGrid points out that web apps “on average, have 45% of user actions within a web application triggering a transactional email.” SendGrid also noted that the average web application sends out 631,000 transactional emails every month.

Optimizing transactional emails to drive revenue is not a new topic, and has been well covered. However, existing articles are limited to the use of older generation of dynamic content in transactional email.The new generation of dynamic content, which we call Dynamic Content 2.0, is predictively recommended in real time, and it is updated with personally relevant content at email open time. However the technology is so new that it has not been the subject of articles or guides about why and how to use it in a transactional program.

This infographic and guide address that gap. You’ll find these tools highly visual and easily digestible. They will show you what kind of results to expect and how to use the latest state-of-the-art technology for transactional email content personalization.

More details about the guide are at the bottom of this page, and the infographic is embedded below. You can also visit the infographic on its source page if you would like to get the embed code for your own blog, or share the tweetable highlights.


Source:Transactional Email Infographic


Did the infographic get you psyched about using Dynamic Content 2.0 in your transactional emails? Great! Now you can download the guide and get started.


The guide will help you assess what types of transactional emails you're currently sending and how you can upgrade them.

You can use the examples to think about where it makes sense to add predictive, dynamic content to your email campaigns. Focus first on the most important emails you send to build your brand, delight your customers and drive your revenue. 



You can download the guide on this landing page. In it, you'll find practical tips and real campaign examples:

  • What Is Transactional Email?
  • How Does Predictive Dynamic Content Drive Email Revenue?
  • What Are the Types of Dynamic Content?
  • How To Optimize Your Order Confirmation & e-Receipts Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Shipping Confirmation Emails
  • How To Optimize Your New Customer Welcome Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Order Status & Backorder Emails
  • How To Optimize Your New Subscriber Double Opt-In Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Account Creation Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Thank You Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Password Reset Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Product Feedback Emails
  • How To Optimize Your Support Ticketing Emails
  • Getting Started With Predictive, Dynamic Email Content

Do you have more questions or would you like start using AVARI predictive, Dynamic Content 2.0 in your email? Fill out a contact form to let us know and we’ll help you get started.

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Sandy Hathaway

Written by Sandy Hathaway

As CMO of AVARI, I create conversations around the exciting new frontiers that all CMOs must now adventure into or be left behind: the use of data science, machine learning and behavioral insights to optimize and personalize B2B and B2C experiences.

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