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Autoresponders That Are Always Fresh and Delightful

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 2, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway


Your business depends on autoresponders. They offer a timely, low-cost service that supports your subscribers even as your email list grows. However, they go stale fairly quickly. You can set ‘em and forget ‘em which is super efficient, but it also has its drawbacks.

When was the last time you checked your autoresponders?

If you’re like most small businesses, I’m guessing “fresh” and “delightful” would not be the words you’d choose to describe your autoresponders. Welcome messages, tips and tricks series, and getting started cycles — whatever type of autoresponders you use, one after the other continues to be sent, untouched by human hands for months.

That’s a huge benefit in terms of service efficiency, but unfortunately it’s not usually a captivating customer experience. You yourself probably have experienced an autoresponder that feels, well, like an autoresponder.

They’re sort of blah, not specifically for you, but you understand why they need to be there. And it’s not just other businesses — your autoresponders also start to feel lackluster over time, as seasons, themes, and other online factors change around them.

However, these emails do continue to perform their functions acceptably without a lot of fuss. That means when push comes to shove, you can’t always allocate the time or money for autoresponder content updates when other priorities are pressing.

Autoresponders stay lively and relevant with real-time social feeds

A way to easily improve your autoresponders is to put embedded social feeds in them. To do this, you add an AVARI social block to your campaign template and it literally pulls your Facebook, Instagram, or posts from other social sites into the emails you send.

When a recipient opens the email from you, the social feed is instantly updated in real time, so that the content inside is totally fresh. You can add these social feeds to any kind of autoresponder, enabling it to perform its mechanical function with a bit more pizazz.

Three important reasons for putting social in email

And it works — AVARI customers are seeing a 2-3x lift or more in click rates for email campaigns that use real-time social feeds! Their subscribers are engaged and having fun.

If that doesn’t convince you, think of it this way: you’re constantly creating new content for your social sites. You know that’s important for growing your community, so you do what you can to keep it up. Why not repurpose that investment? You might even find yourself spending a little more time on social content, knowing that your autoresponders are showcasing your latest work.

For the toughest skeptics out there, one last point: A new study found that the average organic reach on Facebook was only 2.60% of a total audience. That means only about 1 in 40 fans see your promotional posts on their home feed. Ouch.

Getting started with embedded social feeds in email

When you embed social media feeds in your autoresponders, you can harness the power of your online community to reach email audiences with more relevant experiences (and maximize the value of your social media content). Your emails will be more captivating, delightful, and fresh.

To see what I mean, check out this video to see AVARI social blocks in action:

AVARI Social Feeds from AVARI on Vimeo.


Would you like to try it for yourself? It’s free to sign up to AVARI and play around. It’s so easy to use that your social content blocks will be created in no time!

Click here to try AVARI for free.


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Sandy Hathaway

Written by Sandy Hathaway

As CMO of AVARI, I create conversations around the exciting new frontiers that all CMOs must now adventure into or be left behind: the use of data science, machine learning and behavioral insights to optimize and personalize B2B and B2C experiences.

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