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Sandy Hathaway

As CMO of AVARI, I create conversations around the exciting new frontiers that all CMOs must now adventure into or be left behind: the use of data science, machine learning and behavioral insights to optimize and personalize B2B and B2C experiences.
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What Algorithms Are Used to Produce Content Recommendations?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 29, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Recommendation Engines, Predictive Analytics

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The science of producing predictions about what content people want to see next is based on lots of dataFor example, things that are particularly interesting to a recommendation engine are items that have been seen in conjunction with other items, things downloaded in the same session, and content browsed before and after a purchase, to name a few. These relationships are known to the engine as interesting, because algorithms have been designed to look for them.

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Introducing the Email Optimization Expert Series – #EmailCRO

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 27, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Email Optimization

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At AVARI we're passionate about email content optimization, especially the impact of predictively personalized content like our technology supports. E-commerce businesses, content marketers at brand publishers, and media outlets all have seen significant improvement in conversion rates with predictive content in their emails.

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17 Questions to Ask Email Personalization Vendors

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 22, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Email Personalization, Recommendation Engines

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If you’re reading this article, you’re either intrigued or already seriously looking to find the best Recommendation Engine technology that offers predictive personalization for your email marketing program. To properly evaluate this kind of technology for your business, below you’ll find a list of questions to ask as well as more detailed criteria you should keep in mind.

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Implicit Data Powers Predictive Content

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 23, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Data, Predictive Analytics

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Brand marketers create and publish content to attract more business. Their values, features, services, community and other facets are shared through a variety of multimedia stories intended to capture attention and drive website visitors. Once a visitor arrives, their journey through a website produces rich indicators of intention. Understanding a visitor’s intent more accurately allows a brand to personalize their experience at various meaningful touchpoints.

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Email’s Dynamic Content Revolution

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 23, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Email Personalization, Dynamic Content

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Email's Dynamic Content Revolution

What would you do to get a 26 percent higher open rate and 6x higher transaction rate on your marketing emails? Dynamic content, particularly when used with email marketing, continues to pave the way for better responses and higher return-on-investment (ROI) across the board. As consumer demand for personalization increases, email providers worldwide are racing to provide their clients with more and better dynamic content solutions.

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Automated Personalization for Scalable Relevance

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 22, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Recommendation Engines

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According to research by VentureBeat nearly 70% of marketers will use more email marketing in 2018 than in 2014. The value of email is high, therefore businesses everywhere are working to improve their emails and sending even more. There’s a firehose of content aimed at every inbox and only the best of the best will stand out.

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Recommendation Engines for Email Relevance

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 13, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in CMO, Recommendation Engines

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In the digital marketing mix, email has long been the leader in terms of revenue. It’s also the top preferred channel by which customers wish to receive information from brands: 72% of of adults prefer it if brands contact them using email versus any other channel. 

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Autoresponders That Are Always Fresh and Delightful

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 2, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Email Personalization, Dynamic Content, Social Media, Autoresponders

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Your business depends on autoresponders. They offer a timely, low-cost service that supports your subscribers even as your email list grows. However, they go stale fairly quickly. You can set ‘em and forget ‘em which is super efficient, but it also has its drawbacks.

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Ten Email Technologies Every CMO Should Know

[fa icon="calendar'] May 21, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in CMO, Marketing Technology

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Must-Know Solutions for Technical CMOs

The line between marketing and information technology departments continues to blur, as marketing solutions today rely on high-tech tools to reach their channels. Whereas the CMOs and CIOs of the past had highly segmented duties that only brought them together at the executive leadership table, today's CMO is predicted to spend more on IT than the CIO by 2017, according to Gartner.

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Reintroducing Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR)

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 31, 2018 / by Sandy Hathaway posted in Email Marketing Metrics

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CTOR Measures the Effectiveness of Your Messaging

About five years ago, the Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR) was a hot topic, heralded as the best way to understand the effectiveness of email content, but the sizzle began to fizzle very quickly. With only Dynamic Content 1.0 being used, and some challenges with interpreting the meaning of CTOR results, attention to the metric cooled off within a year (though of course you can still easily check it in your ESP dashboard).

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