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22 Ways to Win with Social Media in Email

[Guide] Content that Converts for 5 Essential Emails

How To Improve Your Email Conversions

5 Tips for Mobile Email Optimization

How to Optimize Copywriting for Your E-mail Campaigns

Content that Converts for Social Media Invites

The Oft-Forgotten Lever of Conversion: Email Deliverability and 5 Keys to Mastering It

Bonus Round: 10 More Uses for Real-Time Social Feeds in Email

The Art and Science of Conversion Optimization

Want Better Conversion Rates? Focus on Customer Retention!

High‐Performing Web Forms for #EmailCRO

RSS & Blogs: How to Use Live Feeds in Email Campaigns

Content that Converts for Feedback & Survey Emails

3 Ways Dynamic Content Helps Increase Email Conversions

5 Quick Wins on Designing Emails for Conversion

What Algorithms Are Used to Produce Content Recommendations?

Do your subject lines suck? Here’s how you can answer that question with actual statistics.

Twitter: How to Use Live Feeds in Email Campaigns

Introducing the Email Optimization Expert Series – #EmailCRO

Content that Converts for Announcement Emails

17 Questions to Ask Email Personalization Vendors

Facebook: How to Use Live Feeds in Email Campaigns

Content that Converts for Event & Invitation Emails

Instagram: How to Use Live Feeds in Email Campaigns

Content that Converts for Welcome Emails

AVARI Launches Pioneering Predictive Content Marketing Solution

Implicit Data Powers Predictive Content

Email’s Dynamic Content Revolution

Automated Personalization for Scalable Relevance

22 Uses for Embedded Social Feeds in Email [Guide]

Recommendation Engines for Email Relevance

The Powerful Combination of Social and Email

Autoresponders That Are Always Fresh and Delightful

Avoid Missed Opportunities in Account Creation Confirmation Emails

One Direction Fans or the Email Community?

Ten Email Technologies Every CMO Should Know

Turn Potential Subscribers into Real Ones with Double-Opt-In Emails

Have Them Clicking, Not Twiddling, with Back-In-Stock Emails

Enhance Your Email Program with Predictive, Dynamic Content

Are Mobile Open Rates Killing Your CTOR?

Expert Interview: How Predictive Analytics Is Revolutionizing Marketing Automation

Engaged and Opening: Optimizing the Welcome Email

Shipping Confirmations: Wearing Your Shoes Straight from the Store

Know Thy Content: Using CTOR to Evaluate Your Email Marketing

The AVARI Solution: Heavy Technology and Lightweight Integration

CTOR Revival 2018: Why Click-to-Open Rate is the Hottest Email Metric of the Year [White Paper]

Post-Purchase Receipts: The “Chocolate Bar at the Checkout” Philosophy

Reintroducing Click-to-Open Rate (CTOR)

Funnel Vision: Measuring Your Email Performance

Getting Started with Dynamic Content 2.0

Open Time at Real Time Equals Fun Times

Predictive Dynamic Transactional Email Will Drive Your Revenue [Infographic & Guide]

Wrap Up: #SherpaEmail Summit 2018

NEWS RELEASE: AVARI launches third-generation email personalization technology, seals partnership with Emma

NEWS RELEASE: AVARI raises further €500,000 to bring its third-generation predictive dynamic email personalization technology to market

Our Story: From RetentionGrid to AVARI

Introducing Dynamic Content 2.0

Email 2018 Trend Alert: Personalization Is Hot

Real-Time Predictive Content Delivery: An Interview with AVARI’s Senior Developers

So Many Metrics, So Little Time: The Data-Driven Marketer’s Dilemma

Developer Thinking: Strategy for a Mobile-First Content Delivery Engine

Does Your Content Convert? A Closer Look at CTOR

6 Tips For Better Mobile Emails Today

There’s More Than Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Don’t Send Your Holiday Email Campaigns Until You Check This List

Social Feeds for Social Proof

What Are Predictive Product Recommendations?

Email Personalization with Dynamic Lifecycle Messaging

How the HECK Can Email Be an Experience?

How Does Open-Time Email Personalization Work?

Optimize Your Email Marketing for Cyber Monday

You're Not Emailing Your Customers Enough

Jason Latshaw Talks Retention Tuesday on SuzanneSomers.com

Stitch 56 On Growing Organically Through Customer Retention

ZeroUV on Customer Loyalty and Selling the California Lifestyle

Great Customer Retention Starts with Great Customer Support

A Chat with Margarete Nudel about Increasing Customer Loyalty

Touchdown! Alial Fital Wins at Customer Retention

A Model for Increasing Retention and Growing Customer Loyalty

Talking Big Data with BITKOM

RetentionGrid on GigaOm & Storify Social Coverage

RetentionGrid at the Opening of the SAP Innovation Center

RetentionGrid Enables the Non-Technical End-User to Harness the Power of Big Data to Drive Revenue

Success Story: Darn Good Yarn Rocks At Customer Retention

Prime Time for Real-time Retail

Success Story: How COMEBIEN.MX Achieved 96% Customer Retention

What is Automated Selling?

What is Opportunity Mining?

What is the One-Time Buyer Problem?

Share Your Story To Bring New Customers Back To Your Store

Decorate Your Facebook Page for the Holidays

Why Would a Busy Startup Founder Be a Mentor for Other Entrepreneurs?

RetentionGrid Featured App on Tictail

11 Spooktacular Small Businesses Marketing on Halloween

54 Clever Calls-to-Action to Get More ‘Likes’ on Your Facebook Page

Success Story: Mastering Facebook Pages for Customer Retention

RetentionGrid is Bringing the Power of Big Data to Small Business

Fast Growing Ecommerce Startups Team Up: Tictail and RetentionGrid

5 Tips to Turn One-time Buyers into Repeat Customers

The Secret to Reducing Customer Buying Cycle Time

Win the 2nd Order to Secure Your Business Future

5 Insights About Your Business in Under 5 Minutes

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs: What Makes Them Tick?

[SlideShare] Segmentation Makes Your Offers More Appealing

[Infographic] Repeat Customers Create Profit Powerhouses

[Listly] The Top Sources for Facts and Figures About Customer Retention

[SlideShare] Repeat Customers Create Profit Powerhouses

86% of Online Shoppers Order Once and Never Again

Bullseye! The Best Way to Email Customers

Slice, Dice, and Serve E-commerce Customers Better

Repeat Customers Create Profit Powerhouses

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