19 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Views (Fast and Real)

Date: 03.02.2022

Many people have taken their businesses to Facebook to utilize the marketing potential of the giant firm. With about 2.6 billion active users, there is no gain in saying the fact that Facebook should be part of your business growth strategy if you really desire to boost your business on social media.

However, just like other platforms, you need a large target audience and a lot of Facebook engagement to get the best out of the platform. The fastest way to do this is to buy Facebook views. Hence, if you read on, you will find out the best sites to buy quality Facebook views and how they will boost your business online.

A Review of the Sites that Sell Quality Facebook Views

1. Social Boss

If you are serious about growing your online popularity, either for yourself or for the brand you represent, you should consider buying Facebook views. One of the best sites to patronize when you want to quickly add genuine Facebook views to your Facebook pages is Social Boss. This Facebook marketing service has been around in the social marketing industry for a couple of years and they have been reliable in serving their large pool of customers. They have different packages that will suit varying budgets and a wonderful customer support team that does not blink until they satisfy you.

Not all other social media platforms service providers provide a 30-day guarantee on their service but Social Boss does that to prove that they are safe and legit. They also guarantee quality views, respect your privacy, and make every package affordable. Their services cost just $1.99 for 1000 Facebook views and go up to $293.99 for 500,000 views.

2. Socials Up

Here is another wonderful site to promote your social media networks. From quality when you buy Facebook video views to followers, likes, and fans, Socials Up has what it takes to improve your social media presence. If you take your branding seriously, you will find out that making FB videos and posting them on your Facebook page is something that you cannot do without. Having been around for a good number of years, Socials Up can help you grow your engagement by delivering high-quality and cheap views fast.

Their pricing is also affordable and can fit into different budgets. To get 1000 FB views, you pay $2.99. That is the lowest offering on their platform. If you wish to opt for their highest package, you pay $293.99.

In comparison to other social media service providers, Socials Up has one of the highest retention rates. This implies that you'll only be able to grow your Facebook account if you don't lose too many followers. While you buy Facebook video views you will get are all drawn from a natural pool, ensuring that your account has quality engagement and remains active at all times.

3. SocialsGrow

SocialsGrow is another promotion service plug that can boost your presence across multiple social media networks. Provider from the social media marketing industry is one of the best in the game with affordable and quality Facebook video views packages. With $1.99, you can buy 1000 high-quality video views from SocialsGrow, with a delivery time of 1-3 days. For their highest package, you will have to spend no less than $300 for 500,000 FB views. Some questions left? Contact our live chat support.

Their website is easy to navigate, with all the packages listed from the lowest to the highest, giving visitors a clear-cut view and explanation of what to expect from each package. Their easy navigation also makes it easy to order for any of their services.

Apart from the above qualities, you still benefit from their ever-ready-to-help customer support team if you encounter any hitches in the process of placing your order. To cap it all, their service guarantees a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Viralyft

Viralyft is one of the most reputable services for purchasing reactions. You can use Viralyft for your Facebook growth services because they can help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time for a cheap and affordable fee. They deliver one of the greatest results, with great marketing strategies that are completely safe and secure to us. This implies that if you sign up with them, your account will never be in jeopardy.

Placing your orders on their website is also quite simple. There are a variety of packages that you can pick from hence; there is every chance that your budget will match one. Through their 24/7 customer support team, they will help you with all of your Facebook promotion needs

5. Socializeclub

Here is another interesting site that offers a quality digital marketing service to users interested in gaining high quality engagement on Facebook. From views to likes and followers, you will get all on this social networking site at affordable prices.

Their price ranges from $1.50 for 200 views to $160 for 50,000 legit video views. SocializeClub also prides itself in the provision of high-quality Facebook video views while also improving your Facebook post statistics. If you encounter any problems while acquiring FB Views from them, there is always a standby customer support team to help you at any moment.

To place your order on their platform is very simple. You determine your choice of package and proceed to pay. As soon as your payment is verified on their payment page, you begin to experience instant delivery.

6. Famups

Here is another platform to buy Facebook video views from. Famups is dedicated to assisting its clients in obtaining cheap Facebook followers, Facebook page likes, and views but this is not their only interest. They're also enthusiastic about assisting their clients in increasing the organic reach of their social accounts generally.

Organic reach is based on actual and authentic involvement, such as followers, comments, and likes, which implies they aren't obtained from bot profiles or fake Facebook profiles. With their assistance, you can develop a wider reputation with your Facebook page in just a few minutes.

Their services are also affordable to all. So, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in the game, with just $10, you can get 3000 views instantly showing up on your Facebook posts. If your pocket is fat enough, you can get 50,000 views for $130.

7. Socialking

On a visit to their site, you can easily see some points to note before partnering with them. There is no hidden or half-truth. You are presented in red-colored fonts, their code of conduct.

Their processes are quite simple. When you place an order for your Facebook profile views, all that is required of you is your page URL or username and other things will be taken care of by their team of social media promotion experts.

For your payment, you have multiple options to choose from but their most preferred method is Paypal. All you need to do here is to pick a package that fits your budget and proceed to check out. Once this is done, their quality control team will swing into action to see that your order is processed immediately.

Their prices are not too expensive when compared to the quality of their service. $3 can buy you up to 1000 real Facebook video videos, which is the least package they offer on the platform. But if you want to get in big, then ready your $50 for up to 50,000 views.

8. Popularitybazaar

There are many social services sites out there that promise heaven on eat but end up delivering fake followers to your Facebook post, but Popularitybazaar is not one of them. This is another safe and secure site where people with low budgets for their Facebook page marketing can buy Facebook views. For instance, with as low as $1.99 you can get 200 premium Facebook video views and another free 100 views on your Facebook page. That sounds pretty cheap when compared to other platforms that offer similar services.

In terms of layout, their website might not be the best but that does not remove anything from the quality of service they are willing to offer. Their delivery process is also fast, and placing your order goes in these four simple steps:

Select a package from the drop-down menu, enter your Facebook video link, make the payment with either Paypal, card, or Bitcoin and wait for your order to be delivered.

9. Kingviews

Kingviews is the type of firm that practically doesn't require an introduction when it comes to buying real followers, likes, and views for Facebook and other social networking sites. I wouldn't be surprised if you've come across their name on the internet. This is because they are one of the greatest Facebook engagement firms out there. They have been in this business since the social media industry began, and they understand Facebook Algorithm so well that they serve each of their clients in a unique way. For instance, they deliver orders gradually and at different paces for different clients. This helps them to beat the Facebook algorithm.

If you're serious about purchasing video views, page likes, and followers, then, you may need to try this platform. Ordering for service follows some simple steps. All you have to do is figure out what type of bundle you want. When it comes to views, you have the option of purchasing little or large bundles. They will ensure the views are true and real, and that they're carried out by actual individuals, no matter the package you buy. You may also opt to add more packages and features, such as likes, and comments to any package you choose.

10. Sharesupplier

As far as Facebook views, likes, and followers, are concerned views Sharesupplier can help you build your fans and find the best marketing strategy for your Facebook Page, with a fast turnaround. The service also promises to be able to help you purchase Facebook video views and followers organically, which means that none of their growth is filled with bots or fake accounts. Depending on your marketing needs, you may buy Facebook views in a variety of ways. Consequently, they give you that flexibility thereby making them one of the most effective services for buying views. In addition, the site has wonderful navigation, making its user interface the best in the game of online marketing.

Another advantage is that you won't have to bother about whether or not your Facebook page will be blacklisted as their team of experts thoroughly reviews their process before gradually delivering your order.

When it comes to pricing, Sharesupplier is the cheapest. You have the flexibility to input the number of views you need, with 500 being the lowest you can buy. Their 500 FB vies is not up to a dollar and you can get a whopping 500 views for just $2.

11. Sixerr

This is another site that can expose your Facebook post to large viewers in a matter of minutes. When you buy Facebook views from them, all you get is fast delivery and seamless service. For a small amount, you may gain a large number of subscribers, and they also claim that if you purchase views from them, you'll get genuine views and real-time engagement. The site is also very easy to navigate, so even as a first-timer, you can place your order without breaking a sweat. You may mix and match services to create the bundle that best suits your needs. To place your order, all that's required of you is to key in your page URL then proceed to the payment page to finish your payment.

Sixerr is one of the most popular Facebook growth sites for celebrities and influencers, and it offers completely genuine views for your Facebook. The website distributes content to real-life Facebook users who are interested in the same topics you share on your page. This raises the likelihood that your fans will automatically embrace you and engage with your posts. As a result, it's one of the greatest places to purchase Facebook views.

The downside of the platform is that its pricing is slightly high. $9 can only fetch you 1000 views and the higher the number of views, the higher the price. This is quite exorbitant when compared with other platforms.

12. Socialmediadaily

Here is another Facebook page growth site that can make your Facebook videos go viral within a short period of time. It’s not just Facebook, they also serve other social networking sites.

The site is well-known in this industry because it has been around in the social media services industry for a long time. Aside from ordering for Facebook video views, you can also purchase comments and likes to boost your Facebook pages. They also guarantee a higher-quality view, meaning that no fake Facebook users are served.

They have multiple payment channels like PayPal, master, and visa cards.

When it comes to delivery, they are super fast and if you buy from them, you are entitled to free consultation and individual solutions, and free 70 pages Insta guide, 24/7 customer support that can take both phone and email complaints.

13. Audiencegain

Audience gain is another Facebook growth company that you can rely on if you want your posts on Facebook and other social media networks to go viral. With a neat user interface, this site is explicit with its offerings such that as you log on to the website, you clearly see what you stand to benefit from them if you patronize them.

When you buy Facebook video views from them, they boost your Facebook page credibility and improve it for organic growth; improving your social proof and engagement, ensuring that your page goes viral, and more. Audiencegain currently has a single package that goes for $99 for 600,000 Facebook views. This is to say that the site has a specific target audience in mind. Hence, if your budget is light or if you’re just starting off in the Facebook growth campaign, then this site might not be the best place to start.

Their primary objective is to give content creators the best strategies to earn from video monetization on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

14. Sociotraffic

Here is another site where you can confidently buy Facebook views without the fear of being served some fake followers. Their social media services also cover Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.One major reason why this is such a popular service for purchasing Facebook views is that it is straightforward and hassle-free. This means you can quickly choose the service you want, choose the appropriate bundle, fill out your information, and make your payment.

When you buy Facebook views from Socialtraffic, driving your social media marketing campaign with their packages becomes pretty easy. Their lowest package goes for $6 for 1000 views and the highest sells for $108 for 25,000 views. This price might come somewhat expensive when compared to what other services charge for Facebook views.

Their delivery time is not as fast for one who has an urgent need to buy Facebook views. It takes about 12 hours for their delivery to start. In all, it's still a safe and secure platform that will give you value for your money.

15. Plugviews

Plugviews is one of the best sites where any social media users that are interested in gaining quality digital marketing services can buy Facebook views, likes, and fans. It is a site dedicated to servicing multiple outlets like Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Likee, and other prominent social media networks. Adopting their services would definitely increase the engagement on your Facebook content in a matter of minutes.

If you are new to Facebook marketing strategy, here is a perfect place to start from as you can try things out first with $0.10 for 100 Facebook views. If this works for you, you can confidently move to higher packages.

16. Socialappshq

If you are not willing to part ways with $30 for 800 real Facebook views at once, then you do not have a business with this social media services firm. The $30 mark is the least you can buy Facebook views from the platform, making it one of the most expensive servicing firms in the internet space.

For big spenders, you can rely on this site to give your FB videos the popularity and virals you desire. Their services cut across other social media networks. With them, you are guaranteed to have organic Facebook views from active accounts. Their customer support team is always on the ground to provide you with the needed assistance in case you encounter any form of difficulty.

17. Likesboom

If you want your Facebook posts to enjoy instant popularity, here is another site that can help you achieve that. With as little as $2, you can instantly have 500 Facebook views delivered to your Facebook page. They offer a delivery that starts just an hour after purchase, thereby making them one of the fastest in the industry.

They also promise a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to fulfill your order or deliver wrongly.

18. Smgains

Building your FB page fast will definitely give you an edge in the social media engagement space. One of the ways to achieve this is to buy Facebook views for your video content from a reliable platform like Smgains. With a website that describes explicitly what you tend to achieve through them, there is no gainsaying the fact that they have one of the best user interfaces. To see the list of packages and prices, all you need to do is click on ‘purchase,’

For a 1000 video view package, you will be spending $4, and should you desire to go for the 50,000 video view package, then $120 should be your budget.

19. Fbpostlikes

This is also one of the best sites for your marketing goals. If you need a service that will give you an instant discount, then here you have one. Fbpostlikes will give you a %20 discount on orders that are above $10. Sounds interesting right. Another good thing here is that apart from the preset plans on their website, you can easily customize the number of views you want and pay the corresponding amount. Their lowest package goes for $5 for 500 Facebook video views while 50,000 views will cost you $320.

Facebook Views Guide

In this section, you will be guided on factors to consider before buying FB views and also answer some intricate questions that may be bugging your mind.

1. Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Views

Any approach you take in buying FB views has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The pros:

  • Buying Facebook views from a reliable website promises improved social media credibility and visibility
  • When you buy Facebook views, your content stands a higher chance of experiencing increased organic traffic
  • It will make your brand's online presence stronger and improve your social proof.The


  • You stand a chance of buying low-quality Facebook views
  • If you buy from low-quality providers, it might look suspicious
  • You may be scammed by fake Facebook services

2. Can you Buy Facebook Views Fast & Real?

Yes, you can. One of the advantages of having social media services platforms is that it gives one the opportunity to buy real Facebook views instantly and almost all the platforms we listed above will offer you fast and real Facebook video views. Check them out and pick the one that best suits your pocket and demands.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Get Views on Your Video?

Buying Facebook views for your FB videos is not something that is very expensive. Depending on the platform and quantity or package needed, it can cost you about $2 to $300 to get quality Facebook views on a standard social media platform. The higher the amount that you are willing to pay, the higher the number of Facebook views you will gain.

4. How To Get More Views On Facebook Videos?

One of the best Facebook features is video marketing. So, to use this feature to your advantage, there are tips you should take cognizance of. They include the following:

  • Make sure that you are consistent with your posts. You can schedule the number of times and the number of posts you can drop in a week and stick to it.
  • Make sure you define your video type according to your content strategy. For instance, we have educational videos, animated videos, brand videos, inspirational videos, and more.
  • A Decent Video Resolution Means More Facebook Views. Have you ever watched a video with a low resolution? If you have, you’d notice how unappealing it is. So, when you intend to get more Facebook views on your video content, make sure you have a decent resolution for the video. Otherwise, many Facebook users will just click and pass.
  • Choose A Thumbnail. Picking a perfect picture for your video thumbnail is a great way to attract your Facebook fans to click on the video. Whether or not you like it, most times that you clicked on a Facebook video was as a result of the attractive thumbnail that met your eyes. Hence, you have to make sure that all your video thumbnails are engaging.
  • Including Text in Your Video Adding powerful descriptive texts to your video is another way to attract views to your FB video posts. So, do not allow only the thumbnail to do the marketing, add a few texts that will hold people’s attention for some seconds.
  • Choose a related picture. Do not make the mistake of using an unrelated picture as a thumbnail on the Facebook site. It’s a turn-off to many viewers.

5. What to Look Out For in a Reputable Company?

  1. Check if the site is secure and authentic. Before you patronize any social media services provider, ensure that you take a close look at their web URL. Do not go for any websites that do not have the ‘S’ at the end of ‘HTTP’. Sites with ‘HTTPS’ show that the site is secure and safe. This implies that the site stands a lower chance of getting hacked.
  2. Check for sites that offer a free trial. There are some sites that offer a free trial. You can always check out how they work using their free trial.
  3. Look out for reviews. Checking out the reviews on a site is also a good way to check if they are reputable enough. Although, some fake sites go as far as paying for reviews to increase their credibility score. However, you can beat this by doing some further research on Google.
  4. Supportive Customer support. If you are a newbie in this space, things could go bad when you want to order a service. This is why you should check if the site has a cool customer support team.

6. Should You Buy Facebook Views Or Use A Growth Service?

The answer to this largely depends on the individual involved. If you are looking for a fast and easier means to grow your Facebook views, then you must consider buying Facebook views using one of the trusted and reliable growth services. This will give your Facebook posts an instant boost and rapidly increase your user engagement.

On the other hand, if you grow your page organically without using services, then you must be ready to do the right things, build gradually and be patient. You have to be consistent in the quality of posts you make, mix up your post for your audience, engage your audience, and be unique.

Common Questions About Buying Facebook Views

What’s the typical delivery time?

The average delivery time for your orders is between 1 hour to 48 hours. Although depending on the provider and the number of Facebook views bought, delivery time may take longer periods.

Are these real accounts?

The views are served from real Facebook accounts and not bots. Although, there are cases of fake sites that serve fake accounts to their customers. If you can try to avoid such sites then you are sure of getting legit accounts as views.

Do I need to have my account set to the public?

Yes, your account has to be set to public for your order to complete.

Is it safe to buy Facebook views?

Yes, it is safe to buy Facebook views. Thousands of companies and individuals make use of social media marketing platforms to boost their social media posts. So, as long as you are working with one of the best sites as listed above, you can’t get banned or have your account exposed to scammers.


Growing your Facebook page organically demands a lot of time and commitments. Hence, for your Facebook content to attract the kind of target audience that will make it popular in a short while, you have to consider buying Facebook views.

Consequently, we took time to research the best sites that can help you boost your Facebook content with video views from real accounts. Therefore, all that’s required of you is to check them out and pick the one that best suits your demands and pocket.

Author: Bradley Henris.