18 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views (Instantly & Cheapest)

Date: 03.02.2022

Buying more Instagram Stories views increases your visibility and reach, makes your account more exciting and fun, attracts more likes and attention.

So, let us carefully explore the 18 best providers to buy the cheapest Instagram Story views and get instant delivery from:

1. Insta Growing

Insta Growing is a trusted name for buying and getting instant delivery of Instagram Stories views to help expand your reach and online presence. Instra Growing has built a reputation of sending your order typically in 10-20 minutes of any of their available packages. With affordable prices, easy payment options, refill guarantee, and gateways, you can buy views ranging from as little as 100 to as much as 10000.

2. Followers ID

Followers ID is also reliable in the business of providing authentic Instagram Story views and engagements in the best turn-around time and prices, with stressless payment options that are completely safe. Having more views will help you grow organically even more quickly and instantly get a real boost of engagement. Added to all these is a refund policy if they fail to deliver in the agreed time.

3. BuyTopLikes

BuyTopLikes comes into the game with unique approaches that set them ahead. They work with very safe and easy-to-use payment methods, a 30-day refund and refilling guarantee, affordability and speed, non-drop, and no unfollow with a hassle-free approach devoid of the stress of passwords and logins. This customer service operates on a 24/7 basis. What’s more, you get accurate and active users at the end of the day.

4. InstaLikes

InstaLikes is one of the completely safe sites offering a very flexible pricing system and a quick turn-around time. You can buy social signals and get more views and engagements on your account. Visit their website to learn more.

5. Goread.io

Goread.io sells various services for Instagram, ranging from sales of Story views, followers, likes, comments, and auto likes. The prices are pretty low, as you can buy ideas for your Instagram Stories starting from $1.22. With only $12.99, you can get 5K social signals. You don’t have anything to be scared about, as Goread.io does not require your Instagram password with a promise for protection against drops.

6. InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers is poised to help you boost your online credibility and trustworthiness, especially on Instagram. InstaFollowers guarantees the quality of its services. The provider delivers only accurate social signals, with zero tolerance for fake accounts and bots. Prices are flexible and accommodating as well. You could buy 500 IG views for as low as $0.54 to even 100K views cost $27.

7. InstaImpressions

InstaImpressions is famous for proven excellence as a social media marketing company offering services, including selling IG Stories views. InstaImpressions have live chat support and a responsive communication system that enables their clients to get adequate information on adaptable package design.

8. BuyViewsLikes

An experience with BuyViewsLikes will change your perception about online growth enhancement for good. With various packages, BuyViewsLikes guarantees you more social signals from real people and authentic accounts. You can buy Instagram Story views at any desired quantity, starting from 3K to as much as up to 80K views. Many clients trust BuyViewsLikes as it is very reliable.

9. InstaStoryViews

InstaStoryViews is another website that provides reliable services to many people across the globe. The website proficiently helps you grow your social media presence on the internet, specifically on social media platforms. Reviews from clients who have used InstaStoryViews show how user-friendly, interactive and flexible their services are. Their dedicated email and website are available to help you get information. Their packages are flexible enough and responsive to individual client needs and resources.

10. LeoBoost

With LeoBoost, you can remove some unnecessary hard work and watch your account becoming social viral. To purchase a service, you must select the package that you need, securely pay for the said service, and the company will immediately work and deliver your stats. Note that the delivery process often depends on the weight of your order. LeoBoost will deliver bulky orders over a reasonable period to grow visibility and believability. If you have any questions, the company’s live chat button is available for use. LeoBoost’s packages for Instagram views purchase begin at $4.5 for 500.

11. PaySocialMedia

With PaySocialMedia, you can easily access stats for all your popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and even Twitter. The website provides a complete list of all the media they support on their site. Besides, you will enjoy purchased statistics, including views, followers, and likes, by accessing the company’s vast and unbridled network of users. PaySocialMedia is a reputable company that can help expand your numbers and visibility. Without disclosing your personal information, you can buy Instagram Story views from anywhere in the world. Many account users like to take advantage of geographical targeting offered by PaySocialMedia, to target accounts from some world areas. Depending on what you want, you can get a tailored package designed.

12. SMQ

SMQ is a highly recommended social media marketing leader for promoting the most popular networks, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The company will cover you for everything, including Instagram Stories views, organic followers, business account management, etc. They are also trusted for quick delivery and assurance of authentic social signals and engagement.

13. PlanYourGram

PlanYourGram is generally recommended when buying any service to go social viral and be more visible on the explore page. With a good understanding of the industry, we recommend ordering more views to grow organically faster. You can get a few hundred to a few thousand views with a small budget. PlanYourGram has a well functional customer support service system, which will provide your page with a real boost.

14. QubeViews

QubeViews claims that its services are some of the best in the game. All their methods and procedures are safe and reliable to use, and QubeViews is fast in response and service delivery. There are various payment methods, and all of them are secured so that there’s no risk here as well. With the contact form on the site or the live chat button, you can reach out to their customer service to ask any questions and get instant help.

15. SubscriberZ

SubscriberZ provides exceptional service at affordable prices in providing Instagram Story views. Payments are accepted in PayPal, Credit Card, and Crypto Payments. There is a guarantee of fast delivery within hours, assurance of real people, no fake or bot views and resultant followers, discretion and confidentiality, and 24/7 customer service. Working with SubscriberZ is very easy. Simply select your package, enter your ordering details, and instantly enjoy the results.

16. BuyCheapestFollowers

BuyCheapestFollowers is a trustworthy provider with repute. With years of experience in social media marketing, this provider understands just what you need and how best to serve your needs for Instagram Stories views. BuyCheapestFollowers allows you to boost your accounts profiles via organic reach. If you are looking to buy Instagram views – BuyCheapestFollowers is one of the trusted hands in the industry. The prices are very friendly. For example, the prices start from $0.99 for 100 social signals, ending with $81.49 for 50K.

17. SocialWick

SocialWick provides services for different worldwide networks, including Instagram. You can buy Instagram Story views, likes, and followers from this site, which is easy and stressless. Select any desired service and pack, provide your details, make payments, and you are good. What’s more, the prices are very affordable. SocialWick also comes with a fantastic delivery time ranging from around an hour to 24 hours, depending on the desired number of social signals. Should you require any forms of support or inquiries at any time, their 24/7 customer support is there for you.

18. InstaSocials

InstaSocials provides several related services that help you grow your account popularity. You can get more views, real fans, impressions, and likes as well. Their response and turn-around time are so excellent, such that in less than half a day, you can boost and grow your account by using their service to buy views. Prices on InstaSocials start from around $2.65, which is very affordable.

Instagram Story Views Guide. How to Choose the Best Sites to Order the Service?

No matter what site you choose, buying Instagram Story views is easy with the proper steps. First, you need to know that using paid social signals and getting more views is a great idea (for boosting your brand awareness). There are also cons, such as exposure to scam websites, fake Instagram views, and fake followers. You also do not want to expose your account and personal information to fraudulent sites while also watching out for the security of their payment gateways.

Also, it is essential to bear in mind that growing your account does not end with just buying Instagram Story views. Your content quality can quickly determine how fast your account can grow, and poor content often results in user disengagement. You do not have to spend a fortune to create relatable Instagram content in today’s world. With excellent ideas or a storyline, an excellent mobile phone, a lapel microphone, and a ring light, you can create quick and relatable Instagram Stories. To keep your account active and engaging, you need to consistently engage your Instagram followers with exciting and audience-sensitive posts. This, in turn, helps attract more followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Instagram Story views?

Since Instagram Stories came into use in 2016, it has continued to grow in use. Millions of users use Stories daily to share updates with their followers, giving other competitive platforms like Snapchat a run for their money. A Story view is a list of people who have viewed your Instagram Story, such as those who see your Instagram Story and each viewer’s user name.

You must understand that the total number of views on your Instagram Story includes replays (people who viewed more than once), so you might see more views than usernames. They are beneficial for attracting more engagements. Instagram keeps updating the Story ordering algorithm so that users get to see directly relevant posts and of value to them, based on a history of their previous activities. The principle of using IG Stories is based on frequency, communication, and engagement, which should inform your decision to create and use Instagram Stories.

Is buying Instagram Story views all I need?

No, purchasing more views is only a step towards enhancing your account’s total visibility. You still have to keep your account engaging and follower-friendly through regular field engagements.

Can you buy Instagram Story views instantly?

Yes, getting more views within hours of completing orders from a service provider is possible. Depending on the site you patronize, most providers have a different turn-around or delivery time.

How do you get more views on Instagram Story?

To grow your numbers organically is very easy, but it still will take some hands-on work from you. Instagram Story is fast increasing in relevance and use, compared to the regular main feed to share content. The following tips would help in gaining organic Instagram Story views:

  • Be very deliberate about producing highly relevant and engaging content. You need to engage in continuous content posting. Scheduling a plan for constant engagement to ensure discipline is what some people are doing to achieve the best result.
  • Also, deploy the use of Hashtags, use stickers, use texts and images on your Stories, let the contents for Stories be made so that there is a beginning, middle, and end.
  • You may also consider using influencers and collaborators.
  • Use branded content, create highlights of your Stories, unlock re-sharing options and go over all these consistently again and again.
  • For business owners, you may consider sharing highlights of your customer testimonies, Stories about the experience of your staff, behind the scene moments of production, community impacts, or any other nice things your brand is doing.
  • Remember IG Stories disappear in hours. So, deliberately talk about them and refer followers to them in your Instagram feed posts.
  • Ensure to include various video types in your video creation plan, have a mixture of GIFs, Boomerang, Hands-free recorded videos, Face filters, etc., using the best video-making apps.
  • Appreciate and be very nice to your viewers.
  • Research and use Instagram Stories elements to sustain your viewers’ attention.

How much does it cost to get a Story view on an Instagram video?

The prices are not fixed. Different sites have different prices for the many Instagram Story views offered for sale. Prices could range from as little as $2 upward for about 500 to less than $4 for up to 2500 Instagram Story views. It is essential to always check all these from the service provider’s website from the beginning to see what matches your budget.

Before deciding to buy Instagram Story views and what platforms to use, you need to pay attention to the following frequently asked questions and their answers:

Is it illegal to buy Instagram Story views?

Against positions that buying Instagram Story views is against Instagram rules and could attract a ban, nothing legally wrong with it. On the terms and policy of use, Instagram has no prohibition on its users buying Instagram Story views.

Also, the process of obtaining these followers, if done correctly, is not criminal. Several Instagram users have bought Story views and never had their accounts banned. There are no penalties whatsoever from Instagram for buying Instagram Story views. It is an intelligent way of expanding traffic and engagement on the Instagram platform that brings a win-win for Instagram and Instagram’s users on the other hand. Besides, these social media growth companies that sell IG Stories and other social media services and products are recognized businesses operating legally. Only beware those fake views may lead to Instagram banning your account; hence you have to carefully go through a trusted site such as any of the ones suggested here.

How will it grow my Instagram Story views?

Growing a solid followers base to a point where you get a broader reach would require navigating through Instagram’s algorithm. This is an insensitive thing to do naturally. But if you buy Instagram views, there are higher chances of getting to the Explore page increase, and you are sure your account would get more visibility. About 500 million + Instagram accounts use Stories every day. Half of the total respondents in a survey said they visited a website to buy a product or service because they saw it in Stories. The Instagram explore page collects public content designed to help individual Instagram users discover accounts, posts, products, or hashtags. Making it to the explore page is very important.

How many Instagram Story views do you need to get verified?

No fixed amount of Story views is needed to get verified on Instagram. Even though the number of followers remains generally essential, according to the updated Instagram verification protocols, having a lot of followers on Instagram no longer guarantees the blue tick verification. Users seeking confirmation should ensure the uniqueness and notability of their accounts. In other words, the user seeking confirmation must provide their statement is well known, highly searched for, as a person, and as a brand. You need to intensify your sharing of Instagram Stories, Reels, and engaging feed posts and natural, not fake or bot followers. Fake or bot followers do not engage. The more engagements or activities and traffic around your account, the more your chances of notice and visibility. The lower or complete lack of attention on your account, the lower the possibility of your posts showing up on the explore pages or in your audience’s feeds.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Story views?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy Instagram Story views when you patronize trusted sites and service providers. That said, caution and care must be taken as you go about trying to buy Instagram Story views. It is also essential to know what you are trying to achieve and why you need to buy IG Story views. A careful but straightforward research on the sites, reviews, and their mode of operation would save you the stress and risk of exposing yourself to fraudulent people or investing in fake or bot views and resultant fake followers. A red flag to consider when dealing with sites providing social media enhancement services is the demand for your Instagram passwords and personal information. Trusted sites put in place measures to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your account and would never violate Instagram’s terms of service. This is why we also advise looking up reviews of some of the thousands of people who have used specific sites. You do not just want to put your resources to waste, nor do you want your account hacked or messed up in the process of trying to get Instagram Story views.

Where to buy Instagram Story views?

There are a lot of social media platform services providers that offer a wide variety of reliable services, including providing Instagram Story views to help you grow your Instagram account and take advantage of the growth. As the main objective of this article, we have earlier suggested a list of 18 credible sites you may consider in buying Instagram Story views and the supporting information to help your decision process. Always visit their sites and learn all you can think about them before making your final choices.

Why should you buy Instagram Story views?

Many businesses and brands on Instagram are committing to using organic account enhancement to expand their reach and visibility. This will leave you at the opposing end of the competition as a business owner if you do not take advantage of the opportunities offered by the use of Instagram Story views. The use of short-form videos for IG Stories has since increased the interest in Instagram compared to similar social media platforms. From all indications, IG Stories will continue to grow as a trend going into the future. You do not want to miss out on exploring the numerous advantages of buying Instagram Story views.

Again, followers or customers are more connected or drawn to Stories than regular posts. For your Stories to attract organic followers, you have to get them featured on the explore page, and this is why it is recommended to buy Instagram Story views.

Buying Instagram Story views would help you grow your page organically at a swift pace. In fact, for businesses selling products via their Instagram accounts, having more Instagram views brings increased traffic and engagements on your site. It will lead to more clicks and visitors, leading to more followers, and of course, the more the followers, the more the conversation rates to sales or loyal fans depending on what you are into.

Conclusion and Key Points

Instagram is trusted by many small businesses, influencers, and major brands to grow followers and customer base. This platform is the best place for numbers and exploiting the power of solid audio-visual effects. Currently, there are about a billion active Instagram users. These accounts often prefer to quickly catch up with Instagram Stories to stay updated with the activities of their favorite pages against scrolling through the app. IG Stories are an excellent tool for getting more engagements and a broader fan base.

This article provides enough clarity on all you need to know about buying Instagram Story views instantly and cheaply. Two important things to hold on to is that it is vital to figure out precisely what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Secondly, carefully consider the options of social media service providing websites suggested above, factoring in your specific needs and budget. Most of the sites have designed an immensely customer-friendly and easy-to-use approach to communication. All you have to do is look closer into their website and reach out to a representative on which of their packages or numbers of Instagram Story views you desire.

By fine-tuning your style and improving your storytelling craft, you can create excellent contents that are engaging and accurately relevant to your followers. It increases your ranking in the Instagram algorithm helping your Stories to appear favorably competitive in the frontline of the Stories feed. You will have an organically grown reach and engagement for your personal or business account.

No doubt, with more views to back your content and consistent content engagement, in little or no time, your Instagram account will attract as much visibility and so much fame, and you are sure to enjoy the business advantage that comes with that.

Author: Bradley Henris.