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Top Rated Avari VPNs of 2018

In the recent times, internet security and safety of personal and sensitive data of many people have come under severe attack. Information is stolen and used for any kind of purposes. People now have a better knowledge of how unsafe and dangerous it is to surf any website, social media platform or even gaming apps without putting in place a good, reliable and secured internet connection. This development has inevitably made the use of virtual private networks known as VPN popular and famous. Many people now make use of the VPN solution to safeguard their online shopping, gaming apps, and all of their online activities. They also have learned to break and bypass restrictions and bans using the VPN.

However, with many people subscribing to the VPN services monthly or annually, growing demands have been noticed about clients looking for the top rated VPN service providers based on many factors. These factors are directly linked to what each individual wants from a premium VPN service and as professional in the field, the Online Security specialists of TopVPNChoice advise that every VPN services subscriber take time to read this professional review and unbiased rating of top VPN 2018 based on the current packages offered by each VPN service provider. Our reviews and ratings are based on browsing speed, logging policy, encryption type for safety, usability and compatibility with devices, bandwidth size and customer support.

Factors Considered in our Rating

  1. Browsing Speed: this involves the impact of the VPN service provider you are using makes on time of surfing different pages of websites and download contents or stream videos on Netflix or other platforms.
  2. Logging policy: This is about the policy followed by any VPN provider as regards the online activities of their subscribers and clients. Some take records of such activities while others do not. It is better to choose providers that completely do not log your activities online for better security.
  3. Encryption Type: since the VPN connection is an encrypted one, reviews are made on which type of encryption each provider uses to secure its subscriber's data and information.
  4. Usability and Compatibility: this all about what you can do or use your VPN service to do. Can you bypass any strong Netflix geo-based restriction? Can you power your torrent on the VPN connection? You want to know. Compatibility is about if the provider offers VPN service that is accessible on different types of devices and gadgets of different operating systems.
  5. Bandwidth Size: this is all about if you have a limited amount of data that can be allowed on the subscribed VPN service or it is unlimited.
  6. Customer Support: you should know if the VPN service provider is willing and very prompt to attend to any problems or challenges you face during connection, with usability or anything else.

The TopVPNchoice online specialists have zealously and painstakingly accessed and reviewed the different VPN service providers under the above-explained factors to come up with an unrivaled rating that subscribers and clients can follow as a guide to choose the perfect provider.

  1. ExpressVPN. This is the best VPN service provider at the moment and it is because of the wonderful and exciting features that they offer. ExpressVPN is based on the British Island, it has a log-free policy that ensures no online activities of clients are tracked, its encryption is of the strongest types of protocols including OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2 while the service is accessible and compatible on all devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Androids. The browsing speed on the ExpressVPN service is fast and well above 80mb/s. Bandwidth size is unlimited and you get to connect with about 1500 servers in 94 countries with your subscription. It is also very usable for Netflix and torrent while use over the router is perfect. Leaking is impossible through the DNS and WebRTC. The customer support is very prompt as they offer a 24/7 service to clients and subscribers.
  2. NordVPN. This is another very popular service provider for its good virtual private network connection it offers. It has an average download speed that takes care of your browsing needs, has the highest number of severs of almost 5000 in 64 locations and all running on a log-free policy. The provider uses a strong encryption that combines two servers into your internet connection to ensure you are fully secured. Based in Panama, their activities are never influenced by government. NordVPN is very compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Chrome OS. Netflix works perfectly and torrent is allowed on the connection while customer support is fast.
  3. IPVanish. This is another very powerful VPN service provider with a very fast browsing speed, about a thousand servers in 64 countries. IPVanish provides a good encryption connection that is compatible with different operating systems and gadgets while its log-free policy is also adding to the security of client's activities online. The bandwidth is unlimited and customer support is very responsive.
  4. Perfect-Privacy. This is another very effective and secured VPN service provider. It works on very strong simultaneous connection and encryption protocol of IPSec, SSH, and OpenVPN. Its a leak free connection to assure of no tracking or exposure of data and information of subscribers. It has a log-free policy and an unlimited bandwidth that is compatible on most devices like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, IPTV, and Routers. Connection and browsing speed is good enough and torrent is allowed with few servers able to power Netflix. It is, however, a VPN provider that is known to have ties with the 5 eye jurisdiction.

In conclusion, these are our rating for VPN service providers based on what online security specialist of TopVPNChoice advise and decides for anyone looking for a top rated VPN service to subscribe to. You will not regret following our advice and reading through all our other contents for VPN reviews and rating.